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Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest - Used in Very Good Condition



Just a couple of Notes on this Enhanced Load Bearing Vest. This vest has Four Magazine Pockets which hold a maximum 6 magazines. Your probably wonder why 6? Two pockets hold Two magazines each and Two pockets hold one each. They also have two Grenade pockets which can be used for storing other items. This vest is light and allows broad freedom of movement. These vest are widely adaptable and come in one universal size which can fit just about anyone. You can also mount a small pack on the back.

Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest - Used

Combine Army surplus gear with tactical and you get the resulting tactical assault vest. The enhanced design with padded shoulders absorbs the weight from loading the vest with mags in the four (4) pockets and two (2) grenade pouches. Fully adjustable vest and front cinch straps with quick release buckles fit most. Having the mesh backing, especially on those hot days, allow greater air flow to help keep you cool. Loops at the base of the vest can have a pistol belt fed through them to help complete your tactical vest.

12.95 Shipping. Cost may vary with quantity ordered. Haul it with this Tactical US Military Load Bearing Vest:

US military issue
Enhanced design and functionality
Woodland camo pattern
Four (4) snap flap mag pouches hold mags
Two (2) snap flap grenade pouches
Padded shoulders to help cushion the load when your vest is full
Front has dual quick release buckle cinch straps
Mesh backing for ventilation
Combination snap/hook and loop web loops at base of vest hold a pistol belt if desired
Fully adjustable: one size fits most
Condition: used in very good to excellent shape

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